Sunday, May 28, 2017

A walk in NY

New York is a treasure trove in many ways.

Of Art and art, of rare books, of fashion, of variety in all things. An unending concatenation: urban park leads to fashionable neighborhood strangely pierced by traffic which honks its complaints of overflowing tubes. On this Spring afternoon, sun pierces clouds, shining its light of waves of effervescent youth.  Somehow, a fitting first Memorial Day for Bill De Blasio.  For hope and promise as my medicare approaches.

A new wine shop joins Toys&FuzzyThings where, not so so long ago, a house of questionable repute did business.  "Free Tasting" yells the signboard; I enter and, after sampling their freely proffered goods, find a display devoid of information.  No countries, no varietals, no appelation controllee.   I leave, feeling better (after 5 sips of wine) and a bit confused. Chambers Street Wines is a few blocks away and very well known.

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