Sunday, May 28, 2017

On the porch

It is a city that begs to be memorialized, and loves monuments.  It cherishes la gente and distrusts the corporation.  It's existence marks an all too rare moment in the history of man.  Will it spread, be crushed by a religio-corporate state, or allowed to prosper.  Here we have no answer, only tales of now.

Last night in Gracia.  Can the world be hotter.  It is already hotter than last.  Arriving at the bar, it has changed.  Bar maids now dressed to 9s. I buy a beer and think about conversating.  What is this world like?  Like ours was: driven by sex, ....  Maybe next time so I leave 1euro, and it's off to el intercambio (back & down) where I am the old timer. I ask Sergio about Fatima  and practice with Andrea & a beautiful young woman with a difficult name.

The sun sets and I sit: watching the light play on the clouds.  The full moon shines white on top, above a grey swath, and beneath, yet still above, the fires of the city are as embers in the sky.

 Walking, looking for the perfect place, the spot for J to paint.

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