Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Android

We find reasons to do what we want.  We eat desert, we invade Iraq, we change a spouse.  My yoga teacher tells us to cast off that which doesn't serve us.  Sounds convenient to me.

I've wanted a smart phone, specifically an Android, and when they showed up for $160 at NewEgg, I couldn't resist.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, my phone was defective, and NewEgg was out so I got my money back.  A week later the same model showed up for $100. at Radio Shack.  It was to be.

Perfect toy for the inner geek.  

Coming back from N.C. I used Navigation, a built in Google App, for directions.  The phone has GPS.  It took us home on the Turnpike, used  downtown exit (14C) by the tunnel, and guided us through the broken 1 way streets of JCNJ to Avis car return.  Awesome.  I'll never be lost again.  

I bought an Android App for my phone: NavDroyd.  It stores maps and uses GPS and can give directions.  I just had it take me from home to Chinatown.  Awesome.  I am full of smiles.  No art there but I love technology.  It drives Janet a bit crazy but I control myself and only play when she sees a bargain.  It doesn't need a data plan - which I am too cheap to buy.

I've added maps for Spain and Vietnam and New York and California.  I'll never be lost again.  It is a man's toy although, strangely, I like asking directions much more than Janet.  I enjoy being asked and return the favor.  People are very nice and often help and go out of their ways.  I don't want to loose that part of the trip and must  resist the call of the phone.