Sunday, July 26, 2020

Can Trump do what Trump has done?

Armed thugs are in cities around the country.  Trump has brought our Iron Boot home.  He has made the need for choice clear.    Can Trump do what Trump has done?  He has sent armed goons into cities around the country. 

Localities have complained and the courts have sided with Trump, so far.  There will, of course be places where the courts disagree, perhaps in CA, perhaps in NY.  Trump might choose to obey the court or not. 

If Trump obeys that court, it goes to the Supremes.

If the Supremes support Trump, I expect no election.

If they don't support Trump, he will rail against the Supremes (who will bask in their 'independence'), continue vilifying democrats and widely denying access in the many Republican controlled states, might manage an electoral victory.

If he looses, ask the military.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A night's discovery

It is hot and humid here. My phone claims not, but my body is. Hot and humid. My cave is a garret and my water two floors down. I am old and thirsty and it is not close. I walk down the stairs, religiously holding banisters, one left and one right. One does not want to end a heap on the floor. As I return to the batfry, the hairs rise on my arms and I think not my lover's ex-husbands ghost returned but static electricity. As I drag my damp hands along the wooden banisters I accumulate quite a charge, realizing it gave me quite a charge as well.