Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have a T shirt in which space aliens abduct a sheep from its flock - and he likes it.  This is my life.  Should the sheep resist or follow the flow.  Or is should the problem, in which case,  does a question remain or is Baba Ram Das' Be Here, Now - the operative mantra.  I admit to confusion which suggests, I think, that I am not so old.  Still young enough not to know the answer.

I call Janet wondering whether it is 9:10 or 7:10, a difference which may reflect itself in my reception.  Anyway, the machine answers and its back to the blog.  I try to take a picture, but this beiing windows, cannot.

Today, I hope, I think more about being here.  I want a place to be, a bit more ccomfort-centric than the DM house.  A few pots and pans.  Taking boarders would be OK.  Weekly cleaning.  Perhaps DM++.  Must follow up.

Oh my god, just made a post on facebook  It is forever known in the electronic universe.  (and so is this)  Is this an error?

And now it is tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow) and my day off.  .  Last evening, meeting Luke's friend Peg(Meg), sitting, smoking, wondering what I'll do when I'm through with tonight.  I listen to M-Y music.  Thank god, to each his own.

I told Janet about real estate and now have an appointment today re: same.  House (2 bdrm) above sunset village  and two rental cabins near woody's.

Things are looking up: Today she said next year.

And now it is April and I'm in Manhattan (Cole Porter please).

Lots of things have happened which may appear in later segments, but for now: I am back.
I have eaten noodles beneath the Manhattan Bridge.  I am in New York.  I wear long pants and turtle necks.

Bye for now.