Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's in a blog

Here it is (almost) August, much has passed without note.  But, my (first) subject is what should be here.

Should this be a daily record of (unprocessed?) thoughts or something more?  Who will want to read the outpourings of my sometimes idle fingers.  Not me, I think.  But will I look back and regret the lack.  A blog: the textual equivalent  of a 32GB memory card.  Unlimited storage, but easy to abuse.  What to show others?  Want to see my home movies?  Well that was close.  Now back to reality.

So what has happened?  We are in Barcelona having just completed a passage through 4 weeks of intensive language courses.  Aarghh!@#$!  Why, one might ask, would someone do that to themselves.  Sort of like, having a tooth filled, without Novocaine, for fun.  Well it's over and joy has returned.  Friday night, in celebration, out til 2AM with Janet's 'companeros de clase'.  Last night a Mexican meal (surprisingly good) in Poble Nou.  Today lunch with friends and a swim.

Now it's onward into the post-class reality.  Goals include: daily swims in Mediterranean, planning trip to Vietnam, reading many good books, not drinking too much wine at lunch, and figuring out how to loose 10-20 pounds.  (Could eating less help?)