Saturday, August 28, 2021

Discord: an invitation only, ad-free social media platform.

I have and hate facebook. Discord could become an ad-free replacement: an invitation only, ad-free social media platform funded not by advertisers but by content producers (CPs).

I got my invitation by supporting CPs on patreon. Discord is allowing CPs to directly monetize their content. BTW, there may be other platforms, this is a good step.

If this happens, it will provide an add free way to chat with friends.  I thought government would need to deal with facebook, we will pay the price of creating a few more billionaires to defang MarkZ and replace him those with a better understanding of free speech and less desire for lucre.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

It is a problem in any organization

when a subgroup uses the power of the organization rather than the power of persuasion  to control the members of the organization, i.e. to demand unwilling assent.

I feel a bit of the archaeologist here, observing (and joining) the tribe which has ruled my building.  They have grown close over years of feasting and I, (sadly for me) was the first to sign up and be stuck with the bill.  So I follow the rules and am admitted to the tribe of rulers.  We rulers, of course, are sworn  to follow only the interest of the group of shareholders.

What follows...

is the next meeting of the rulers, in which the wicked queen  lashes out  to 

America's Christian rulers once again starve children.

 Our governments vilest strategy, denying food and medicine to those ruled by those declared to be our enemy, e.g. Cuba, Afghanistan(Taliban), and Iran.

America, thy name is Hypocrisy.