Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back in NY

I seem to be spending time here, much as I was in Honduras, with a few minor changes.  Here one lives to eat.  After 2 months of Baleadas and spicy chicken wraps, a visit to Xuan foods or Lan Sheng or a taste of any of Janet's wonderful creations or of my own pizza are all very welcome.  What is missing in NY are my fellow DMTs (and other companions), and the opportunity to function comfortably on island time.

How things change.  Janet left a week ago - actually 8 days.  Zena just left.  She has been visiting since before Janet left.  Mark spent the weekend++.  A good time was had by all.  Ate, drank, visited.  Had a better time than seemed likely, which is a good thing.  I should build this with pictures but these days they go directly to facebook which makes putting them here a bit redundant.  On the other hand, on facebook I say nothing.  Haven't yet learned how to use facebook as a blog, or if you should.  So there it is, photos and words rent asunder.  At least until later.