Saturday, September 12, 2020

My god

There are many solutions to the cosmic equation and God may be part of some but not of mine, other than as that which unifies us all with each other with other creatures and with the world . if this is God then I am a believer .

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Framed Bubble Sculptures

From the wikipedia page on Calculus of Variations
Plateau's problem requires finding a surface of minimal area that spans a given contour in space: a solution can often be found by dipping a frame in a solution of soap suds. Although such experiments are relatively easy to perform, their mathematical interpretation is far from simple: there may be more than one locally minimizing surface, and they may have non-trivial topology.  

(Consider the many worlds interpretation of QM)  In different worlds (or on different dips) we find a variety of framed bubble sculptures.  (Engineering issues aside)  Could the realized configuration be interpreted as a reflection of a path through the many worlds.   The bubble sculptures themselves are an emergent phenomenon.  Could the realized configuration be a function of inherently random quantum fluctuations.