Saturday, November 26, 2016

If you are afraid of Muslims

Facebook post open:
,,,... if you are Afraid of Muslims.
A choreographed video response, and quote: "Islam is to ISIS as Christianity is to the KKK. We are not them. We're us." #MeetAMuslim
Is it extremism joining KKK to ISIS to Nazis to others yet more brutal
One cannot deny pride in tribe: genetic, devotional, geographical, or economical. But extreme valuation portends danger. Today, especially extremists come in different flavors. All poison. Sometimes they rule. Or will it be always.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cancer: mCRC. stage IVb.

The diagnosis has moved me to another world: Dying world.
Something fundamental has changed.   

It's not a bad world.  
The hardest part is being so happy about how good life has been to me and so sad about what the future may hold for those left behind.  

Life is beautiful and this is a beautiful spot to end a story, if end it must.  To no longer struggle against sin.
  • Have no time for anger.
  • Have no time to waste.